Feed Your Beast!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that most people have seen at least the first three episodes of Star Wars®. Remember in the third film (which was really the sixth and thank you George Lucas for screwing up my counting skills!) where Luke is suddenly cast down into the dungeon-like cave with the huge drooling monster?

I bring this up not to walk down memory lane, but to illustrate a point. Bear with me kids…

Imagine what that gigantic bag of crap ate just to keep going on a daily basis. Certainly more than skinny little Luke would have done for him. He was only wafer thin!

Without enough food, water and vegetarians to eat, that thing would have gotten slow and weak, eventually slumping into a heap of death, slobber, and flies.

Insert painfully obvious business analogy here.

Think of your business like this creature. It doesn’t move all that fast, but it is effective and performs the task that YOU have set it upon as long as it has the energy to do so.

Like that lummox, you need to feed and water your business daily and often!

Who have you talked to about your business or services today; the barista (which I am still unclear if the term barista is masculine or feminine… but in this case I mean the dude who makes your coffee!) at your local drive-through, your grocer, the UPS girl, or your server at the restaurant you took your mom to for lunch?

Have you made a Facebook post to keep you in front of the people who want to hear from you, or posted a pretty picture of your newest health thought for the day to the Insta?

How many business cards have you handed out?

Keep it fat and happy and it will continue to take care of you.

Feed your Beast!

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Originally created for ericsays.com: September 6, 2011