A Chaotic Mind

Imagine a coked-out hamster running on a wheel while juggling a mix of lightsabers, leaking pens, and kittens… and then light something on fire.

“Welcome to my mind.”

~Dr. Eric Strand
  • So You’re a Vampire, Eh?
    What if you had to be a vampire?
  • Doc Life
    What is Doc Life? It’s not just for doctors, although it can be a little more strict there… but Doc Life is what I call the rules of the business road. It’s the what you can, what you can’t and what you’d better not f’n think about doing. A great deal of what I have … Read more
  • Practice SMB
    If you’re a SCUBA diver worth any salt at all, then you’ve been carrying around a SMB (surface marker buoy) since dive number 30 or so. Regardless of your gear’s age, knowing how to use it without losing your absolute shit under water is key to a safe, happy, and enjoyable dive. The Problem The … Read more