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Doc Life

What is Doc Life? It’s not just for doctors, although it can be a little more strict there… but Doc Life is what I call the rules of the business road. It’s the what you can, what you can’t and what you’d better not f’n think about doing.

A great deal of what I have learned about being a professional stems from my time serving as the right hand muscle of the United States, also known as the Marines (can I get an oorah!), and one of my favorite books: Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun.

This is my scaled down manifesto of covering your ass so that no one else has to.

#1 Be You But Not You

Sorry, but you are no longer the goofy, beer-swigging, tattooed pirate you were in college. All that shit is either in your past, or shared with close friends and family. You can have those thoughts… “you call THAT a keg stand?!”… but not act upon them.

You don’t have to poo-poo actions and activities that other’s participate in (because wet T-shirt contests are awesome), but instead be acutely aware of your own actions, public statements and attire as if you were being judged by them- simply because you are.

#2 Don’t Screw Up. But If You Do…

While it’s more than okay to have flaws, you may want to be careful of flaunting them. Whether you’re the company boss or the town doc, it’s oft times better to leave more to mystery and intrigue than it is to hanging your stained boxers on the neighbor’s fence.

Try keeping your personal misgivings to yourself as a manner of habit. If you make a professional mistake, own up to it versus hiding behind a superiority complex.

If you make a mistake, own up to it…

– The Doctor

Doc Life - Keeping It Real

#3 Keep Your Friends Out of the Loop

Just because you and the neighbor are bosom buddies right now doesn’t mean you always will be. Of course everyone needs an outlet for the crap they go through at the top, but this ain’t it. My suggestion is to find a small group of like-minded, similarly poised professionals to pitch your bitches to. Whether over cocktails once a month, or walking around the track on a Sunday morning, it can be highly satisfactory if not informative.

Originally created for February 12, 2012