Life Lessons

The worst thing about learning something is having to learn it twice.

I used this template back in 2007 for my business consulting. After a catastrophic moment where I accidentally purged my entire website (don’t ask), I am now struggling to rebuild. And, with this in mind, possibly rebrand.

None of this looks the same, not on the back end or the front! The set up, which once-upon-a-time seemed easy and seemless, is now arduous and clunky. I am also, admittedly, a wee bit older than I was a decade ago.

The lessons?

  • Think before you click.
  • Don’t do stuff when you’re angry, tired, or hungry.
  • When in doubt, close it out: come back to it after you do some research.
  • Stop getting older.

There should also probably be something in there about “don’t drink and internet,” but let’s not try and change the world all at once, shall we?