A Fan Favorite for Leftover Steak

Leftover steak. It happens every time I griddle these days. Whether it’s because I still think I can eat like a 20 year-old, or because we still cook like we’re feeding a family of four, there’s always more than a little leftovers to contend with.

One day, while standing at the opened refrigerator door, nomming on strip after strip of yesterday’s fare, I had an epiphany. I like steak. But I also like bread. Mmmmm… boy do I like bread. And sometimes I like salad, although not nearly as much as steak and bread. Oh, and CHEESE! I love cheese!

In that moment I decided to put together what would forever in my house be called, Gucchetta. Get it? It’s the Gucci version of Bruschetta, assuming Gucci made food. Or ate steak?

Anyway, I sliced up a baguette just laying there all helpless like on the counter, and then melted an entire stick of butter, stirring in a BUNCH of garlic, some parmesan cheese, and a bit of pepper and let it simmer a hot minute.* Laying my bread buddies on a restaurant-style plastic tray, I slowly poured the hot butter mix over top, allowing it to get into all the empty spaces air usually takes up. After a minute, I flipped the bread and sloshed it all around so that every inch of the soon-to-be-better-than-amazing bread was dripping with my garlicy concoction.

Crack-crack-crack… the griddle sprang to life in a sea of flame and that oh-so-familiar hint of propane. Once the surface temped up to about 375, I laid out all of the baguettes in nice little rows. I didn’t want to overcook my perfect steak from yesterday, so I waited about two-three minutes and flipped the bread before laying the steak down on a freshly melted puddle of organic, pasture raised butter (pretty sure it’s the cows that are raised that way, but I don’t work a farm, so…).

After a quick sear of the steak on two sides, I pulled it all. Covered the steak with a piece of foil on my wooden griddle block and quickly went to work laying out phat slices of mozzarella, then a nice chunk of tomato (SALAD!!!), then finally topped each one with a slab of steak, topped with some fresh basil from the garden.

First off, delicious!

Second, oh my holy hell… I ate WAY too many of these. Not just this time, but every single time I make them. I can’t help it, they’re just that good. And, since I’m still alive at 53 without any life-threatening illnesses, I’m going to have to think they’re good FOR you too. But that statement hasn’t been evaluated by the FDA, so don’t quote me.

I’ve tried Gucchetta with chicken: that’s a big NOPE. Maybe fish would work, but I doubt it. Honestly, I really don’t see why I’d mess with a good thing.

For those of you who think I’m just an uppity doctor turned SCUBA diver who only eats the finer things, well, maybe. But also, I love me some Traschetta, too. But that’s a recipe for another time!

Try it and let me know what you think!

*I don’t actually use measurements in anything unless I’m following someone else’s recipe. So “a pinch”, “about”, “phat”, “until it burns”… these are all things I use as measurements or temperatures.